Towards European Ethical Guidelines for IT

On 9 September 2016 an ethics workshop was organised, in close collaboration with CEPIS and its Ethics Taskforce to discuss a draft version of European ethical guidelines and plan for next steps. This is a major milestone for the European IT community and will contribute to raising more awareness and the promotion of ethics in IT.

The workshop resulted in an agreed approach amongst stakeholders, building on the research done by the CEPIS Taksforce on Ethics, to finalise a first version of European Ethical Guidelines that will be presented at the 6 December conference. The draft version will be shared with a broader audience for feedback over the coming weeks.

The European IT professional framework consists of four building blocks of which three are already supported by available standards and tools: competences (e-CF), knowledge (foundational ICT Body of Knowledge, as well as specific BOKs), education, training and certification (eg quality labels and EQANIE). These European Ethical Guidelines for IT will complete the Framework by providing the 4th building block.

The workshop report can be found HERE.